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We help brands to create their In-game Advertising strategy.

A Growing Community

Gamers are increasingly open to being exposed to advertising in exchange for free digital content.

Immersive Experiences

Mobile games build a positive connection with their userbase, driving higher brand loyalty.

Innovative Solutions

At Flame Ads we help agencies and brands to obtain the maximum benefit from In-Game Advertising.

Ad formats

Great advertising experiences translate to more engaged customers for your brand. We offer a complete and cost-effective solution to your brand's needs:

Rewarded Videos

Give players a tool or a free pass to progress in the game as rewards for watching your brand's video ad.

Native Ads

Accompany players with advertising messages that mimic the natural look and feel of the game as they navigate it.


Encourage players to complete a sponsored campaign in order to get a unique in-game product.

Playable Ads

Allow players to engage and interact with your brand's ad by adding interactivity.

AR / VR experiences

Use 3D characters and scenarios to enhance the user's real environment and create an immersive content branding experience.

Latin America is the 2nd. largest mobile market in the world.


Unique Players


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We are proud to be part of this ever-growing gaming community and we want to help you enhance your brand's advertising experiencies.

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